Gesenkschmiede Cuno Stamm in Solingen

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Gesenkschmiede Cuno Stamm in Solingen

Quality made in Solingen for nearly 140 years 

The experience of several generations is one of the basics for the quality of our today’s scope of supply. 

Best possible quality standards (certified through the quality management system NRW, DIN EN ISO 9001:2015) and qualified employees make sure that we maintain the quality. 

These are the most important requirements for the manufacture and reliable delivery of high-quality product segments, and through these requirements we can flexibly respond to your need. Our production concept offers a secure basis for your future sales count.

founded in 1880

Internationally active


Industry with future

Drop forging manufacturer
Cuno Stamm


Our products

Since formation of the company in 1880 we have produced raw materials for several surgical instruments and other special articles. 

Gesenkschmiede Cuno Stamm in Solingen

Our today’s product range includes: 

  • surgical clamps 
  • surgical scissors 
  • needle holders 
  • conchotomes 
  • retractors 
  • laparoscopic ring
  • andles 
  • spring scissors 
  • surgical hooks 
  • extraction forceps 
  • special forceps 
  • hair scissors 
  • special scissors

Quality with tradition

For the production and sale of forgings, the Solingen-based drop forge  Cuno Stamm GmbH & Co. KG has set up a quality management system that meets the requirements of  DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

CAD supported tool making

Computer Aided Design using the example of surgical scissors

Gesenkschmiede Cuno Stamm in Solingen

CAD construction - rendered depiction of the forging die

Gesenkschmiede Cuno Stamm in Solingen

Plastic prototype - high speed cutting of the forging die

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